Our misson

What is 'our misson'?

Since September 2016 we are working in Sosua, a city located at the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We are working with CUPS OF COLD WATER on different projects. See 'PROJECTS' for detailed information on each project!
We follow our call by Jesus to bring Hope and Healing in a variaty of ways.
Our focus is for the poor in this society, those who are being neglected or looked down upon by others, those who are considered poor through the eyes of the world, who have little or no chance to even dream about a better future.
Our motivation for serving these people is to serve and work like Jesus did during His time on earth, many years ago!
We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. And that includes many different angles!
We work full time as volunteers which means we do not receive a salary. The Hope and Healing Foundation came into existence in 2001 to ensure all necessary support for us so that we can focus at our calling on the ground while the Board of Hope and Healing takes care of all the practical support around our mission. This includes insurance, fund raising, PR, practical support not only during our time in Sosua, but also during Leave of Absence.

And that is why the word 'OUR' mission could be misunderstood! We do NOT mean: Jan, Elizabeth and Grace Isabella, but the word 'OUR' carries a very broad meaning!
YOU are part of that!
Without YOUR support we are not able to do this. And we do not want to do this without YOU!

What can you do?

You can say a short prayer for us, right now as you are reading this! And you can 'DONATE', once or regularly. It is our desire to find many fincancial supportors who are able and willing to donate 10 Dollar per month. Because in that way it will not be painfull in the future if some of you for whatever reason, have to decide to stop the financial support.
We also receive sometimes very practical support, such as a free dental appointment, a free hair cut, a bicycle which we received during time of leave, temporary use of a car etc. etc.!

If you look at the logo of the Hope and Healing Foundation, you can see an anchor, and every anchor needs an anchorchain! And every single link of this chain is important, the chain is only as strong as the weakest link!

Stichting Hope and Healing
And you are, in whatever way you support us, a link in the chain that offers us the possibility to serve full time as a family in this mission.
THANK YOU for your support!

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Stichting Hope and Healing

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