Sinds The Hope and Healing Foundation has the goal to support the Tuinier Family (Jan, Elizabeth and daughter Grace Isabella) in practical and financial means in their mission.
Their mission is to bring Hope and Healing to the poorest of the poor of society; currently the Tuinier Family is living and working in Sosua, the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.
The Tuinier Family has the desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and in this way, not only to bring practical hope into the daily life of the people, but also to assist in spiritual healing by demonstrating the love of Jesus for each and every person in this world.
The Hope and Healing Foundation works in close coorporation with an organisation called CUPS OF COLD WATER, which has been active in the Dominican Republic for years. Since December 2017 The Cups of Cold Water Mission has now merged into Crossover Ministries, resulting in the Crossover Cups Mission! Don't worry, same people, same mission, just a different name. 

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