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The Hope and Healing Foundation is fully depending on financial support from people like yourself! Many people are willing to donate monthly, wether automatically or not. Others desire to give once, or to help with a fund raiser, and recently we had even children going from door to door selling handmade crafts in order to support us!

Every financial donation ensures we can help more people! Within the Netherlands we are officially registerred as charity which means Dutch citizens are able to get certain tax-deductable allowances when supporting Hope and Healing. (ANBI).
Would you like to support one specific project? Please look at 'PROJECTS' for more detailed information on each project and their designated Project Codes to ensure your donation ends up at the desired project!
The first priority of the Board is to ensure that the living cost of the Tuinier family are covered. Would the need arise then there is shortage to cover living cost, the Board could decide to finance that temporary from the Projects, this would ensure a stable mission.
But if the financial situation is such that there are more finances for living cost then actually needed, the Board can decide to use part of that money for a specific project.
In that way the Board can maintain a financially healthy balance between living cost finances as well as project finances.
Indien de middelen de kosten van het levensonderhoud overtreffen heeft de stichting de mogelijkheid de extra middelen aan te wenden voor projecten, en vice-versa.

Part of being a registerred charity in the Netherlands is that we show transparency, also in the financial situation. Therefore you can find our Year Report 2015 below as well as the Financial planning for 2016.

Without your financial support we are unable to accomplish the mission that we believ God has called us to do and therefore we ask you to prayerfully consider how you could become part of 'our' mission!
Even though finances are a vital part of being in mission, the support through prayer is even more important. Please pray for us and the mission here in Sosua.
Your words of prayer and deeds in financial form do make a difference in the lives of many people who deserve a chance, just like you and me!

Planning for 2016 and Financial Year Report below (in Dutch).

Financien 2016

You can also choose to DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL, see the link ABOVE!

Are you an US Taxpayer and want to give through US registterred charity? Send an email to jantuinier at g mail dot com and you can get all those details!

International Bank details:
Bank/IBAN: NL14 RABO 0361963548,       Name of Account Holder: Stichting Hope and Healing 
Bank/IBAN: NL35 INGB 0009428954,        Name of Account Holder: Stichting Hope and Healing 
Both these banks described above are located in the Netherlands, name of city: KRIMPEN AAN DEN IJSSEL.

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Stichting Hope and Healing

Bank: NL14 RABO 0361963548
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